PC+A Collection

Explore the newest trends in hospitality furniture brought to you by the gifted designers at PC+A. Perfect for boutique hotels as well as large chain hotels looking to bring a millennial flair to their guest experience.

“Ava” (Gardner) – Oasis/Island/Spa-like

This warm and island-like collection was created with natural walnut. The oasis style of the Ava collection is transitional and not design specific, allowing it to be neutral, yet unique.

“Grace” (Kelly) – Classic meets Modern-day/Timeless

This classic design never goes out of style and speaks quality. Derived from today’s time we mixed the old with the new to create the Grace collection.

“Audrey” (Hepburn) – Classic meets Modern-day/Timeless

Classic meets modern-day in the Audrey collection. The fresh white finish with antique brass accents create a timeless look; while the contrasting drawer front on the night stand offers a stylish and modern flare to the collection

“Myrna” (Loy) – Industrial

The Myrna collection is industrial with a coastal vibe. The combination of natural hickory wood and hot rolled steel create a nature enduring design; bringing the outdoors in.